The Importance of House Cleaning

Let’s be honest: when it comes to checking off our to-do lists and managing priorities, cleaning the house is always the biggest hassle. Taking the time out of your busy life to clean that messy countertop or organize the basement is the last thing anyone wants to do, but procrastination might actually be holding you back. Research suggests that the more cluttered your space is, the less your brain is able to focus and process information effectively (Harvard Business Review). The solution? A house-cleaning service like Primetime Cleaning! Having someone to lift that weight off your shoulders is easier than ever, and will leave you (and your home) feeling refreshed.

How Will a Clean Home Benefit Me?

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day of work is come home to a messy home. How many times have you just not had the energy to take out the trash or clean the sink, and it becomes so overwhelming that you decide you’ll ‘leave it for later’? No one likes that feeling, and it only adds to the stress of an already busy life; In fact, a 2009 study by found that the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ was significantly higher in those whose homes were deemed cluttered. A prolonged rise in cortisol levels can begin to affect our physical health soon after, in regard to the immune system, digestion, and more. Long story short? The home should be a place to relax, not stress! Save yourself the grief and have the house cleaned regularly.

How Often Should I Have My Home Cleaned?

Most people find small times during the day to pick up around the house here and there, but it’s important to set aside time to do a thorough cleaning. It’s recommended to have the home cleaned at least once a week or bi-weekly in order to stay on top of the messes that come with everyday life. This could include anything from mopping to scrubbing toilets to polishing the doorknobs, really anything that could use a little TLC. It’s best to set aside one day of the week to have a cleaner help with these chores, and after that you’re set! With a clear house comes a clear mind, and with a clear mind you’re free to focus on work, family, or anything else you’d rather spend time with.

Why Use a Cleaning Service?

Who actually wants to scrub that dirty bathtub or power-clean the kitchen countertop? Keep your hands clean and leave it to a pro! A professional cleaner has all the tools and supplies needed to get rid of even the toughest grime, all with a smile (and disinfectant).Take time to go out to dinner or a movie while your house is being cleaned, and know that when you return you’ll have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. All it takes is a phone call to set up an appointment; it’ll be the easiest ‘check’ off your to-do list!